…the family

We are a small team that established Differ Pragma in 2023, and our ambition is to grow alongside our clients.

As part of the XLENT Consulting Group, which operates in Norway and Sweden, we have the support of approximately 500 consultants specializing in management consulting and IT, with a turnover of 900 MNOK.

We are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Differ Pragma is owned 51% by Xlent Differ and 49% by our dedicated employees.

A management consulting firm that specializes in digital disruption, digitalization, and delivering practical solutions.

They excel in dynamic environments where fundamental changes occur rapidly, and their goal is to facilitate these transformations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A management consulting firm that assists clients in making complex decisions related to strategy, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and streamlining processes.

Their expertise lies in providing guidance and support to navigate intricate business scenarios and optimize outcomes.

An IT consulting firm that focuses on building tomorrow's IT solutions. They specialize in assisting companies in aligning their operations with technology, enabling seamless integration and optimization of business processes.

Their expertise lies in bridging the gap between business requirements and technology solutions to drive efficiency and innovation.