-John C. Maxwell

Trough life new subject areas, disciplines and business models are established. Common for most companies who offer consultancy is that it requires time, money, expertise and cooperation. 


In competitive industries and markets, time is essential. What used to take months and years, we now believe should be resolved in weeks and days. Why? Because time is money. 


If the business model of most agencies today is based on hours and price per hour. What incentive do they have to be efficient? A traditional consulting company is founded on a model where they want the projects to last, involve as many people as possible, at a competitive hourly fee. 

We believe in incentivizing ourselves to the same goal as our clients by benefiting when we are efficient and deliver high-quality work.

Fast delivery

We use en effective strategic approach. Which basically means we can find your challenges and solve them fast. Our strategists and polydesigners handle several tools of the trade, that makes it more efficient.  

Pragmatic innovation

We prefer to agree on a fixed price for our work. This keeps us on our toes and you will experience an pragmatic, agile team of people who always focus on the outcome. 


Does the time spent on projects and how much it cost, compromise on skillset? Or does it simply require that you as a company and we as an partner must be more pragmatic, flexible and efficient in our delivery?


We believe how we work together is a matter of trust, being agile and combining our skills, is the best way to create results. 

Quality included

We are experienced professionals, combined with talent. Our team who handle both strategy and polydesign, have solved several challenges for clients and we are always
focused on the quality of our work. We use a range of research methods, combined with our own frameworks and process to deliver our magic. 

Joint effort

We partner with you in a joint effort. Most of our clients allready have partners in different areas, or we assist them in the setup. We are part of a family of companies, and will always look to make sure we have the best line of people for different tasks.